1. "The Tai Yi treatment I received from Jason created a space of grounded receptivity within me where I noticed myself feeling quite open to my own healing process. It accelerated what I was already focused on accomplishing. I highly recommend Jason and his Tai Yi work to anyone who is ready to move forward with their own healing." LANCE
  2. "Jason has strong, clear energy when giving a Tai Yi treatment. He is precise in gauging the amount of time and energy that each point requires, honoring his own knowingness and the teachings he has received. Having a Tai Yi treatment from Jason, prior to the Intensive was helpful in assimilation of the information that I received." Linda
  3. "I have received different Tai Yi treatments from Jason. In all of the treatments, he was focused, patient, and knowledgeable of the effects of the treatment. I have experienced receiving a lot of energy during the treatment which made the treatment even more powerful. I recommend Jason as a practitioner of Tai Yi." T. MARIA
  4. "I've had multiple Tai Yi sessions with Jason beginning in 2009. The energy work has definitely helped me in my overall healing process and also seems to work in conjunction with the intensive information that follows. Jason approaches his practice with sincerity and integrity." JOEL
  5. "My husband, Jerry & I noticed that for several hours after the treatment on Saturday that I was giddy for about 2 hours! I’ve had a few challenges this week and have worked through them. What I’ve noticed most is that the emotional unhappiness that I’ve experienced with my mother appears to be healed. I no longer feel angry or resentful with her. I feel much more loving towards her and have more patience. I spent 5 hours with her yesterday and I actually enjoyed it. So, yes….the last treatment seems to have cleared out a bunch of emotional baggage! Yea!" that you really enjoy this work. It was wonderful to see and it made me happy too! BARBARA
  6. Received "Balls of Wax" While on the table, on the back I felt this surge of energy in the core below the navel, like a heavy ball which then compressed and "expanded" rapidly. Rapid release of toxins on the way home. Day 2. strong but gentle expansion of energy from my lower core upward. Very sleepy, Day 3. core was full, energy moved up back of neck. I have had a lot of stagnation around the heart for a long time. This energy began to relax and expand. Began having memories of self in young adulthood crying and beating on my chest over the heart. Focused on healing this. Emotional body on the left expanding and fluffier. Lower Chakras opening more and expanding. can clearly see the shapes of the core of the chakras and the colors emanating. Haven't seen this for a long time. Energy moved down my right leg, they feel fluffier, foot definitely felt softer. Deeper movement of energy up the spine. Lots of clarity around the self-hated and shame held in physical heart. Much easier to focus on where and what to heal at this time. I have always had tiny collapsing veins, and by golly the veins on my hands appear bigger and fuller. A very clear flow of energy into the core of my body, and circulating through the extremities. My energy field expanded several inches. Subtle but profound increase of my awareness of experiencing & receiving love. I am grateful. Thanks Jason for giving your time and energy to assist." FATU